As most people know, the GCSE results of 2016 were given out last week. I won’t say how I did, but I will say that I did better than I expected (by a long shot).
This blog post will sound just like every other article you’ve read, and you probably won’t believe what I say because it’s so cliché.
However, I was in that position about 4 months ago: whenever people told me you do better than you thought you would, that the actual exams don’t feel scary and that you’ll miss Year 11 when you leave.
Predictably, I am about to agree with all of the above. I do miss year eleven, to an extent- I miss the familiarity, I think. I don’t miss all of my year and I don’t miss some of the teachers. 

I miss putting on the same uniform, walking into the same building,  seeing the same people when I look around during class. The security of knowing where each and every classroom is, of knowing you can comfortably talk/sit next to anyone in your class (or almost anyone).

As for the optimistic “you’ll do better than you think”, I genuinely did. I got a whole grade higher than predicted for maths, the first of that grade that I ever got.

I passed everything and get higher than predicted in another subject too. You won’t believe it now but most people I know did better than they ever though the. You tend to play how well you did down, because you’re worried you’ll jinx it or people will think you’re boasting.

But when you actually get your results, you probably will have done so much better than you ever imagined. That doesn’t mean you can relax and stop (or not start) revising. The only reason I got the grades I did is because I got scared and started to study- I was not the best at revision.
Seriously though, please at least read over your notes or flick through your subject books. 

Yes, it’s boring and tiresome but you might read a small paragraph that gets you those marks you need to pass/get the grade you need.

Exams are actually not as scary as you think. I still got sweaty palms, nausea and shook before exams but they didn’t feel any different to my mocks, except that all the questions were new. If your school is anything like my old one, then you’ll have done countless exams in class and in an actual hall, so it won’t feel that different. 

Mocks are also grouped together more than your actual GCSEs. I only had more than one exam on one day twice. That’s it. 

Whereas, when I had mocks I’d have up to three a day. Of course, it all comes down to what subjects you have taken: Not to scare you, but someone from my school had 5 exams in one day… It’s safe to say I’m glad I didn’t take that option. 

That’s all I can say on the matter of leaving high school and GCSEs.
I’d mention coursework but my year was part of the last lot of people who could pass subjects by doing coursework and exams. I might do a separate post on that because I really don’t think the GCSE format should have been changed back.

That’s it for now, I’m starting college in three days so posts will be quite spread alart.
Thank you for reading.

-Alice x